How to write a Travel Blog in 2017

People who see travel blog develop an interest to visit that place they see on the blog. For many people traveling give them mental satisfaction. When you think to write a travel blog, you have to note each and everything, make observations and notes, take pictures of different sites and interviews with the local people. Travel writing is also a way you can save memories of the trip forever.

You should follow some steps, which are as follow:

  1. First of all, you have to visit yourself some places so that you can teach your visitors about that locations. Visit the place you like and want to explore.
  2. Your text on the site should be eye catching and described in a way that people feel they are at that place. Verify the facts before publishing that they are accurate. Take care of the spellings when writing about a town name, a restaurant name or anything like that in this a way and accurate information you can give to your readers.
  3. Keep with you a travel journal. Write down all the things while you travel, a good restaurant experience you can write the name of the restaurant, the dish which you ordered and music you enjoyed. This all information will help you when you blog and visitors ask you to give them more information. Mostly people who love travel writing keep a journal with them all the time.
  4. You can add interviews in your blogs, for this interview the people while traveling, and also interview the local people where you visit.
  5. Recall all your senses when writing about the locations you traveled. The scent of flowers, beautiful mountains views, the feel of using a soft towel in good hotel and sound of the waterfall, add all these into the blog that will make more easy for people to connect with these places and experiences.
  6. Take pictures during your journey. You can add pictures of the place you wish too. Take care while posting, the picture must be clear. Mostly people who are fond of travel writing add pictures to their journals.
  7. You can make videos of the event you attended, and when writing about them add a clip with it, which will also attract many people to your blog.
  8. You can also add voices of other travelers. You can invite other writers to submit their blogs to you of the locations that you have not visited during your trip. Introduce about the writer before posting their entries.
  9. Try to respond all readers comment, a blog allows you to accept or disable comment, allow them and answers their question will help you make a good rapport with them.

These are the ways, how you can write a travel blog. People who love travel writing and blogs are lovers of travel and have good knowledge of different things. Travel makes you feel fresh and gives you a chance to live your life according to a way you want. Experiencing different things in travel help you a lot in the future.

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Roger Milano

Roger Milano is a artist and blogger currently residing Colorado Springs, CO United States.