Media literacy

How media literacy is promotes art and entertainment

It is the ability to approach, create, analyze and access media. With the advent of internet there is a different type of media. Reading ability of these all types is an essential skill in the 21st century. Media literacy in adults and youth is vital for making them understand the complex communication from music, video games, billboards, books, magazines, newspaper, television, radio and other forms of media. It is very important to understand this language for understanding the messages of media.

Role of Media Literacy in different fields

Media Literacy in Art

What is Art?

Art is such an important factor that plays an important role in the life of a human being. It is no doubt full of creativity and provides great fun and entertainment. Art is the factor that cannot be defined in any words due to its vastness. Art is not only related to draw something and color it. Kids are enjoying coloring and drawing and art is the same thing for them. Trends and fashion are forms of art for the designers. Art has various definitions due to the variety of the fields. It delivers various standards in various fields.

Significance of Art and media

Understanding the media language in art is very important. Art and media are essential for each other. Media expresses the art in the true way. Art can be known as the food of the soul. The importance of the art in the life of people varies from field to field.

Media is a vast field and it has different forms as well. It is related to the creation of a person. It is the effective way to represent you and to express the feeling of a person. It shows the character and the emotions of the artists that are hidden inside him. It is the representation of the dreams of a man that are symbolized in different ways through the art of the artists. It means that art plays a very significant role in judging personality of a person. Understanding media language is the skill that exists in everyone and gets the way to come out in the form of art. It is the true mean of the comfort and relaxation. You can satisfy your inner personality by spending quality time in the company of media. In fact art is the true way to get perfect entertainment and fun to overcome the isolation. It provides complete company to the artists.

Relationship between Entertainment and media

Entertainment is an essential factor in life that can be availed with the help of media. It enhances the efficiency by making the mind fresh. Everyone needs some time for refreshment daily to raise the performance of the physical organs as well as the mind. The association between art and entertainment is very deep because both are related to each other. Art is the creativity that brings forth the satisfaction of the soul. You can have fun by having a healthy entertainment through the medium of art. It expresses your emotions and feeling very easily. Media literacy skills in educational standards are included in all disciplines such as science, health, social studies, arts and language. Art and entertainment get support with the help of all forms of media. It is helpful for promoting both fields.

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