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A Review about Dota 2 online game

The favorite online game is Dota 2. This game has a huge industry and carries the weight of Dota1 over his shoulder. Since the game has huge industry the game is also earning the benefactors tons of billions. The word DOTA stands for Defense of ancients. There are many good and big games out there like Dota but no game can give a comparison with Dota2. The Dota2 has huge rivals like league of legends and world of Warcraft. Although Dota2 also descended from the world of Warcraft but it gained more popularity than the original game. There are also other games like cool math games for children who like more educational stuff than thrillers.

what is background history of Dota?

The game started when the Warcraft came out. The Warcraft was a strategy game with heroes inside to handle and control the different units. The units didn’t have much difference in ability they would just attack the towers and basis while heroes have special abilities. There are two tiers in Warcraft elves and undead. The elves were the heroes based on the nature around it. Undead was a faction where all the heroes have underworld names and a good amount of underworld history. While the Warcraft was getting famous on the market. A person name ice from was developing a special map on the game. the map had different faction heroes in the game and they all could be played at once without following any story line. The story line which was being followed by the Dota2 was similar to the Warcraft.

How to play DOTA2?

To play DOTA2 the answer is simple and straight forward. A person has to learn a hero from different categories. He has to kill the creeps coming towards the lane and farm for the items. The items have a different impact on heroes. The items can be really good for some heroes and some items can be really bad for the other heroes. For example, mage heroes which are good at the magic damage get fighting item which will be a bad impact. The Mage category wouldn’t be able to use the hero to the full extent. They need magic base items to provide the character with full strength. Farming also takes lots of time and ability for the users to farm items. The game requires a lot of focus. The players compete against other players to perform to their peak game.

The difference in skill always shown from the difference in the game and earning the team’s different points on the board.

Review of Dota2

The game is huge and requires a lot of time to get a master at the game. the games have always given competition to those who are playing. The game does require a specific amount of learning and reading before playing the game at the maximum synergy and efficiency. There is a specific category of the players who like such games as they require thousands of hours mastering the game. the games do have small bugs and require a good amount of personal computer specification to run the game. Only a league gamer could play such kind of games. As dedication is written on the pony glyph of the Dota2.

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